DE 321-2101889-93
Landos Lord
Uta V
W-AshleyAhorn Z
H DE 331-3165891-99
GoldfeverGrosso Z
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Life number:DE 431-3198356-05
Date of birth:28.02.2005
Withers:168 cm
Performance test:2009 - GI=100,94(15)/ DI=100,24(15)/ SI=103,90(14)
Breeder:Ernst Stahlhut, 31655 Stadthagen
Appreciation for:Hannoverian and German Sporthorse
Covering:Natursprung Tiefgefriersperma 
Status:WFFS negative
aditional information
Stud fee:550,00 €

Premium stallion LEMWERDER pleases by his brilliant conformation, smooth and powerful gaits as well as amazing technical and jumping abilities. His sire Lordanos is one of the top stallions in Oldenburg and elsewhere. He has won jumping tournaments class S for years with all members of the Sosath family. The mother’s sire Goldfever I was a multiple Nation Prize winner and at the Olympic Games in Sydney he won gold with Ludger Beerbaum. The mother’s pedigree goes back to the Westphalian mare family of Nora, which also produced the international dressage horse Copa Cabana and the jumping horse Le Grandeur. Five and six-year-old LEMWERDER was successful in basic tests, for example he was the winner of the Hanoverian jumping championship and finalist of the German Championship. In the meantime LEMWERDER is successful in jumping up to class S*** and highly placed up to class S**** among André Stude. In 2016, his progeny includes Lexy Grey, who won with Marc Boes the qualification of the State Championship in Burstädt.


jumping test cl. S* with jump-off

Burgstädt5th place
Küps1st placejumping test with barriers cl. S*
 7th placejumping test cl. S**
Sorge-Settendorf3rd placejumping test cl. M**
 placementjumping test cl. S*
Oberfrauendorf2nd placetwo-phase-jumping test cl. M**
Isernhagen4. placetwo-phase-jumping test cl. S*
Sorge-Settendorf1. placejumping test cl. S* with jump-off
 4. placepoints-jumping test cl. S*
Oberfrauendorf4. placejumping test cl. S** m. St.
 8. placetwo-phase-jumping test cl. S*
Röhrsdorf/ Dresden1. placejumping test cl. M*
 3. placejumping test cl. M*

Station: Bellstedt - Vertragsstation