DE 455-8700980-08
Andiamo-Night Abendsturm
Helli Steinalm
DE 487-8782469-05
Sommernacht Smudo
Sandy Wildprinz
Life number: DE 455-8700854-12
Race: Haflinger
Date of birth: 30.03.2012
Color: Fox
Withers: 148 cm
Performance test: 2015 - Note=7,88 (3.)/ F=7,40/ R=7,84
ox-portion in %: 0,10%
Breeder: Haflingerhof Noack, 03222 Lübbenau
Covering: Natursprung 
Stud fee: 220,00 €

ARMANDO-NIGHT – winner stallion of the Haflinger lisencing in Munich 2014 – represent the modern, purebred Haflinger in the best manner. The sporty stallion has very good basic gaits, which can be seen under the rider and before the carriage.
Sire Armani-Night was already licensed in Munich in 2010 and passed the performance test with the end result 8,04 in Moritzburg. The line of the sire goes back to Abendsturm and the incumbent World Champion stallion since 2000 Abendstern.
In 2008 the dam - state premium mare Secilia - was reserve winner of the Saxony-Thuringia Mare Championship in Gera. One daughter of her was winner mare of the Mare Championship in Wolfersdorf in 2014. The successful dam line produced al lot of state premium mares and the land sire Stegmann.

Station: Seelitz - Sächsisches Landgestüt