Moritzburg State Stud

The Moritzburg State Stud supported by providing stallions of breeds Warmblood, Heavy Warmblood, Coldblood and Haflinger the competitiveness of the national horse breeding in the breeding areas of Saxony and Thuringia.
The implementation of performance tests for stallions and mares, and professional training is also one of our tasks as organizing stallion parades, concerts and horse sports tournaments. About the Saxon State School, we offer courses for drivers, riders and breeders.

Graditz Principal Stud

The Graditz Principal Stud is responsible within the Saxon Stud Administration for the keeping of the mares and the breeding of young stallions for restocking the stallion stock. Further responsibilities are the keeping of pension horses and the operation of an EU-approved insemination station. A major focus is also the training of apprentices in the profession "Pferdewirt" with specialization in horse husbandry and service.

Our stallions

For your breeding planning we offer 80 stallions of races Warmblood, Heavy Warmblood, Coldblood, Haflinger and German Riding Pony. About an extensive network of 12 covering and insemination stations is the extraction and distribution of semen of selected top stallions.

State School

The Saxon State School for riding and driving is integrated into the State Stud since 1991. It serves above all the training of riders and drivers from the land. In addition master of Horsemanship (Pferdewirtschaftsmeister) and the profession Pferdewirt with specialication horse husbandry and service subjected the interim and final exam.

Stallion Parades & Events

Moritzburg Stallion Parades 07.| 15.| 21. September 2024

Tickets are available at Tel: +49 30 - 678 0 111 or at Cm Ticket im Webshop.

Event calendar 2024





12.-13. February

Stallion Presentation



02./03. March

Stallion Presentation

16.00 Uhr


09. March

Saxon-Thuringian Horse Day



06. - 13. April

sale week for horses



22.-25. August

German Championship for heavy warm-blooded carriage horses and Driving Championship for ponys

9.00 o'clock


24./25. August

Concert music and stallions

19.00 o'clock


07./15./21. September

Stallion parades

13.00 o'clock


05. October

information day apprenticeship qualified groom

10.00 o'clock


29./30. November

stallion days - licensing



01. December

Stallions in advent

15.00 o'clock


Transparency note

As of January 1, 2023, under the Saxony Transparency Act, any person is entitled, upon request, to access information available from a body subject to transparency requirements, unless an exception applies.

As soon as the Saxon Transparency Platform is established on the Internet, at the latest as of January 1, 2026, entities subject to transparency requirements will additionally be required to publish the information specified in Section 8 of the Saxon Transparency Act on this platform.

The State Company Saxon Stud Administration is an authority within the scope of the Saxon State Ministry for Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture and thus a body subject to transparency requirements.

More information on the Transparency Act