Saxon State School of Riding and Driving

The Saxon State School for Riding and Driving has been part of the State Stud since 1991. Its main purpose is to train riders and drivers from rural regions. Furthermore, fully qualified grooms take their master craftmen’s diploma here and trainees of the same profession, specialised on husbandry and service, also take their intermediate and final exams here. This task of the school is especially important because examining people of one profession under the same conditions offers them better opportunities to have a good start into their future career in horse breeding. The Saxon State School for Riding and Driving in Moritzburg is a follow-up of the former State Professional School of Riding and Driving in Leisnig, which was moved to Wermsdorf near Oschatz in the 1930s and existed there until the end of World War II. In Moritzburg, there are appropriate horses for riding and driving trainings available. And further training courses for jurors are becoming increasingly popular in the Free State of Saxony, too.