The German State Studs

In the cooperation "The German State Studs" the ten state-owned studs unite to jointly support the country's horse breeding and to preserve valuable cultural heritage.

Constant reliability

In our time marked by constant change, the ten German state studs represent lasting values and security. We associate the knowledge of many generations with the latest knowledge and put it at the service of passionate breeders. The value of this experience for the modern breed is in its constant reliability, away fast paced trends. This expertise, we give as training companies from generation to generation. We are the cradle of the national horse breeding with our centuries-long tradition and we also enjoy an excellent reputation around. The state studs have always been a lasting contribution for the regional identity. We maintain traditions and preserve skills and careers that elsewhere have long been lost.

Living cultural heritage

The German Principal and State Studs date back to the time when horses were essential for transport, agriculture and the military.  In order to improve state horse breeding, the land owners founded state studs that offered private breeders high-quality stallions at reasonable prices. The principal studs also have their own herds of mares and rear foals with the aim of producing stallions for state breeding. The motorisation of agriculture and transport produced major changes. So many breeding stations were forced to close their gates. We managed to survive and had to switch from breeding heavy warmbloods to breeding modern sports and leisure horses. Today, the state studs are sites of living cultural heritage which continue to evolve while maintaining their traditional values and natural charm.

Demanding tasks

The German state studs are modern service providers with tradition and character. They are centres of excellence for horse breeding and equestrian sport. Here, stallions from all the major bloodlines are offered to breeders at affordable covering or insemination fees. Our comprehensive breeder service ranges from advice regarding stallion selection to rearing and training through to marketing the offspring. Equipped with covering facilities and insemination stations, the state studs offer competent service on site during the breeding season.

Genetic diversity

We have bred races and species for the chancing needs of people for centuries. Today, in addition to modern riding horses, cold blood breeds like the Altmärker, Rhenish-German, Saxon-Thuringian, South German and Black Forest Cold blood can also be found in the state studs as well as heavy warmbloods, riding pony stallions and Haflingers. Many of them are on the list of endangered breeds of domestic animals and owe their survival to state studs that provide the passionate breeders stallions available. Together, the breeders and state studs afford an important contribution to protecting biodiversity. By preserving good stallion lines and maintaining valuable mare families, we offer reliability at the highest level. Modern horse breeding with proven lines that are not dominated by fashion stallions.

Our most important tasks

  • keeping of stallions
  • supporting the country's horse breeding
  • performance tests
  • professional training and further education
  • research and development
  • preserving living cultural heritage