task and responsibilities

The following tasks and activities are the basis for the work of the Saxon State Stud Administration, including Moritzburg State Stud and Graditz Principal Stud:

  • Enhancing horse breeding in the Free State of Saxony and strengthening its competitiveness by offering state-owned stallions for breeding through a comprehensive network of covering stations
  • Producing and selling semen from select premium stallions
  • Keeping stallions of the breeds Schweres Warmblut (Heavy warm-blooded horse) and Kaltblut (Cold-blooded horse) in order to safeguard the reproduction of the female population of these endangered breeds  
  • Selecting breed stallions and mares for state-wide horse breeding by means of a stationary performance test
  • Rearing young stallions in Graditz in order to recruit them for the Moritzburg stud  
  • Keeping a mare herd in Graditz in order to test the young stallions‘ hereditary properties and to produce future breed stallions by means of targeted mating
  • Using the studs for vocational trainings and educational purposes
  • Offering a vocational training as fully qualified groom, including the subjects: horse husbandry, service, and classical riding training
  • Offering riding and driving training to equestrians and young farmers in the State School for Riding and Driving, located in the State Stud

Moritzburg State Stud

  • Offering approximately 80 stallions for breeding, including warm-blooded, heavy warm-blooded, cold-blooded and Haflinger horses
  • Network of covering stations, comprising of 12 covering and insemination stations in Saxony and Thuringia

Graditz Principal Stud

  • Keeping 20 German Sport Horse mares and 5 Trakehner mares
  • Cultivated pasture on 200 hectares

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