The Graditz herd of mares introduces itself

The Graditz herd of mares includes 20 mares of the breed German Sport Horses and Trakehner.
Every year, for the most part the mares are paired with the Moritzburg State Stud stallions.
Below some mares and their breeding are presented.

Photo Name Race Color Withers Father Mothers father More
Darling Darling Deutsches Sportpferd black brown 166 Decurio Quattro B Details
Diamant Diamant Deutsches Sportpferd black brown 172 Millennium Quattro B Details
Fine Fine Deutsches Sportpferd Brown 168 Ampére Florestan I Details
Harka Harka Deutsches Sportpferd dark Brown 168 Kubaner xx Liberator Details
Leandra Leandra Deutsches Sportpferd Fox 169 Morricone I Fürst Wilhelm Details
Noble Dame Noble Dame Deutsches Sportpferd Brown 170 Rossinimo Alabaster Details
Palucca Palucca Deutsches Sportpferd Brown 168 Ben Benicio Sandro Hit Details
Pikotee Pikotee Deutsches Sportpferd Brown 165 Sir Donnerhall Lanciano Details
Poetin III Poetin III Deutsches Sportpferd dark Brown 166 Sandro Hit Brentano II Details