Guest horses

Not only stud-owned foals are growing up on the extensive and high-quality paddocks of Graditz, but also guest foals. The stud‘s large free-movement boxes and perfect roughage offer optimum conditions for rearing foals. Furthermore, young guest horses are also being ridden and trained whenever possible.

Stance conditions of guest horses for rearing


The whole horse population of the Saxon Principal Stud Graditz is subject to a vaccination against influenza, rhinopneumonitis and tetanus.


On the day of delivery, the horse passport of the foal must be passed, in which the required vaccinations, treatments and deworming should be entered.


There will be recieved horses with a minimum age of 5 months.


According to the cycle of hoof care in the Principal Stud Graditz, a regular hoof care of foals is ensured.


You can individually arrange the delivery of your foal. After taht you will get the specific stance conditions.