Saxon State Stud Administration: Moritzburg State Stud and Graditz Principal Stud

Government enterprises of the Free State of Saxony

The state and principal studs have always been guarantors of progress within the breeding area. They have laid the foundation for consolidation and character of the various horse breeds, and they still do. Thus, the transition from horses for military use to working horses for agriculture was achieved within a brief period of time. After horses were no longer used so much in agricultural production, the focus of breeding turned to riding and carriage horses. Furthermore, the State Stud Administration has been able to preserve the breeds of Schweres Warmblut (Heavy warm-blooded horse) and Kaltblut (Cold-blooded horse) in Saxony and Thuringia, despite different demands on the market.
In their work, the State Stud Administration, Moritzburg State Stud and Graditz Principal Stud, focus first of all on selection for breeding by means of performance tests, evaluating the horses’ character, riding, jumping, and driving faculties.