Overview of sales horses

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Photo Name Race Sex Father Mothers father More
Court Court Deutsches Sportpferd gelding Courtier Lorentin I Details
Fjodor Fjodor Deutsches Sportpferd gelding For Romance I Alabaster Details
Komponist Komponist Deutsches Sportpferd stallion Kubaner xx Rich Charly I Details
Lerchenprinz Lerchenprinz Deutsches Sportpferd gelding Last Man Standing Cancara Details
Lord Lorenz Lord Lorenz Deutsches Sportpferd gelding Last Man Standing Contendro I Details
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Sale of horses

The State Stud Administration offers breed mares, foals and riding horses for sale. For inquiries and appointments, please, contact the Saxon State Stud Administration.

Price ranges:

Iuntil 5.000 €
II5.000 € until 10.000 €
III10.000 € until 15.000 €
IV15.000 € until 20.000 €
V20.000 € until 25.000 €
VI25.000 € until 40.000 €


Requests should be directed to: Mobile phone number
Landstallmeisterin Dr. Kati Schöpke 0174 943 6615
1. Hauptsattelmeister Jörg Piehozki 0172 928 3572
Antje Lembke (PZVST) 0172 3579992