Stallion Parades at the Moritzburg State Stud

Stallion Parades at the Moritzburg State Stud The annual Moritzburg Stallion Parades, attracting approximately 21,000 visitors per year, take place at three consecutive weekends in September and are not only addressed to an expert audience. The first stallion parade was held in 1924, created by Saxon Stable Master Ernst August von der Wense. Then and now, these parades have been presented in the large stallion parade arena, surrounded by grand stands for more than 5,449 people. All stallions are shown in a varied programme, offering relevant information for breeders and entertaining and relaxing, temperamental and historic impressions for laypeople.

These parades – from their traditional opening with fanfare marching band and timpanist on horseback, the presentation of three-year-old stallions, heavy warm-blooded horses harnessed variously with up to twelve horses in front of one carriage, the presentation of historic events, the jumping test for stallions, the free-roaming Haflinger stallions, reckless riding Cossacks, the enormous dressage quadrille with 25 warm-blooded stallions to the final stage coach with 16 horses in front – are the most important public events organised by the Saxon State Stud Administration.

Over four hours, including one intermission, the basic patterns of the programming, having been fixed for decades, contribute to the increasing popularity of these events. The stallion parades are not only entertaining, they are aiming at training the stallions after they have come back from the covering stations, and thus, maintaining their health.
The impressive numbers of visitors to these parades show that horses are increasingly popular and that the local people have strong ties to the State Stud.

berittener Fanfarenzug
opening of the parades by the mounted fanfares
Tandem-Anspannung SW-Hengste: LOMBARD, EDELSTEIN und EFEU
tandem with the Heavy Warmblood stallions: LOMBARD, EDELSTEIN and EFEU
DECURIO v. Desperados unter dem Sattel
DECURIO of Desperados
QUITOLL v. Quite Rubin über dem Sprung
QUITOLL of Quite Rubin
apprentices: riding with lances
Reitponyhengst HET GRIMALDI über dem Sprung
riding pony stallion: HET GRIMALDI
SAMMI BOY, EXPERT ox und HET GRIMALDI unter dem Sattel
Reiter, Rad und Wagen: Scheibenkarren, Schleifenzug, Säumer mit Handpferd
rider, wheel and coaches: Scheibenkarren, Schleifenzug, Säumer mit Handpferd (f.l.t.r.)
Historisches Schaubild Ritter mit Lanzen
historical item: knights
Graditzer Stutenherde vorn Stutfohlen v. SANTO DOMINGO
Graditz herd of mares with breeding: filly of SANTO DOMINGO
Kaltblüter im Traberwagen und Haflinger unter dem Reiter
cold-blooded stallions in the trotting cart and Haflinger under riders
Neunerzug Schwerer Warmbluthengste
coach with 9 Heavy Warmblood stallions
LAST MAN STANDING über dem Sprung
jumping stallion: LAST MAN STANDING
QUIZ über dem Sprung
jumping stallion: QUIZ of Quality
Kaltblüter vor dem Langholzwagen
cold-blooded stallions with timber – LAUSEJUNGE and ACHAT
SANTO DOMINGO unter dem Sattel
successful: SANTO DOMINGO of San Amour I
Showpferd Lucky mit Willy Meyer
Cossack riding: Showhorse Lucky with Willy Meyer
Pushballspiel der Lehrlinge
Pushballgame of the apprentices
freilaufende Haflingerhengste
free-range stallions of Haflinger
Dressurquadrille mit 25 Warmbluthengsten
dressage quadrille with 25 Warmblood stallions
Historische Postkutsche mit 16 SW-Hengsten
historical stage coach with 16 Heavy Warmblood stallions - front: LOMITAS (left) & ELITÄR

Dates 2019

Saturday, 7th September
Sunday, 15th September
Saturday, 21th September

Beginning: 13.00 a.m.
End: approx. 17.15 a.m.

It is possible to visit the state stud at the day of the event from 09:00 until 11:00 a.m.

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