Terms and Conditions for Use of Stallions at the Breeding Stations of the Saxon Stud Administration (SGV)

Terms and Conditions for Use of Stallions at the Breeding Stations of the Saxon Stud Administration (SGV) 2024

I. Mating season

The Saxon Stud Administration (SGV) offers the stallions listed in the stallion distribution plan to breeders for covering or insemination at the breeding stations from the end of February to mid-July. SGV reserves the right to make changes during the current season. By using the SGV stallions, the mare owner accepts the following conditions as binding and obligatory.

II. Stud fees and insemination fees

  1. The use of SGV stallions is subject to the cover fees listed in the appendix (incl. 7% VAT).
  2. The stud fee for covering of registered English thoroughbred mares by English thoroughbred stallions is €500, without any deduction.
  3. Stallions from other breeding associations that are used for breeding after licensing are only partially updated by the SGV in the original breeding associations. Breeders must expect to pay higher fees in these associations. Information can be obtained from the relevant associations.

III. Discount

  1. In the 2024 breeding season, breeders will be granted a discount of €80 for state premium mares or state premium candidates upon presentation of a premium entry in the horse passport for riding horse breeding, €60 for heavy warmblood breeding, €40 for coldblood breeding and €30 for Haflinger and riding pony breeding. Association premium mares are subject to 50% of the discounts for state premium mares.
  2. No discounts will be granted for mares with other premiums.
  3. If a breeder/owner brings more than one mare for breeding/insemination, he/she will be exempted from fees of €50 for riding horse breeding, €40 for heavy warmblood and coldblood breeding, and €20 for Haflinger and riding pony breeding from the second mare onwards. From the fifth mare onwards, he/she will be exempted from fees of €80 in riding horse breeding, €60 in heavy warmblood breeding, €50 in coldblood breeding and €30 in Haflinger and riding pony breeding.

This discount does not apply if another arrangement is more favourable for the mare.

  1. Mares that have not given birth to a live foal in the 2024 breeding year after being covered or inseminated by SGV stallions will receive a one-off discount of 50% of the stud fee paid to SGV in 2023. The discount will only be granted on presentation of the original 2023 breeding certificate and proof of payment, and can only be claimed if the mare in question is sired by another SGV stallion in the 2024 breeding season. A continuation of the non-conception discount into the 2025 breeding season and beyond is strictly excluded.
  2. For mares that were covered or inseminated for the first time by an SGV stallion after 15 June 2024 and do not have a live foal as a result, no further stud fee will be charged in 2025.

A veterinary certificate is required. If a stallion with a higher stud fee rate is used, the difference must be paid in arrears. This regulation can only be taken advantage of once in the following year.

  1. Regulations III. 4. and 5. only apply to the mare covered/inseminated in 2023. Transferring the regulation to another mare is excluded.
  2. For each mare covered, only one of the stud fee discounts listed under III No. 1–5 may be granted, namely the highest discount in each case.
  3. Discounts for inseminations of jointly owned stallions can only be granted if the breeders use the same breeding or insemination station in the 2024 breeding season at which the mares were covered/inseminated and billed in 2023.
  4. For breeders who decide to cover their mare with an SGV stallion designated as a WFFS carrier, the Saxon Stud Administration will cover the costs of the mare's genetic test in the 2024 breeding season in the form of a stud fee credit of max. €60(gross). The credit will be granted upon presentation of a copy of the invoice from the laboratory that performs the test.

IV. Artificial insemination and use of frozen semen

  1. At the Moritzburg EU insemination station with the Graditz and Marlishausen insemination stations, the  stallions listed in the stallion distribution plan are available for    for      the         transfer of fresh   or
    frozen semen. The insemination season ends on 15 July. Mares that have already been inseminated are re-inseminated until 15 August.
  2. The costs of shipping fresh semen are borne by the mare owner. Within Germany, these costs amount to €37 per shipment on weekdays including 19% VAT (including packaging). For shipments on weekends and public holidays, we charge €150 incl. 19% VAT per shipment in the regional area and €180 incl. 19% VAT for shipments outside the region. The assignment of the region can be requested from the breeding station manager.

Alternatively, you can collect the shipment yourself. If you would like to collect the shipment yourself the cost of the transport container is €9 (incl. 19% VAT).

Weekend shipping is usually offered from 30.03.2024. For shipments before this date, the transport costs must be enquired about individually.

The above shipping costs are subject to change and may be adjusted depending on price increases claimed by the transport companies. Changes to shipping prices can be viewed at https://www.saechsische-gestuetsverwaltung.de/hengste/deckstationen/geschaeftsbedingungen/

  1. Veterinary examination costs associated with the cover or insemination will be charged separately by the respective veterinarian.
  2. When shipping fresh semen abroad, the transport costs and those of a semen transport container amounting to €9 (incl. 19% VAT) per stallion and shipment must be paid, in addition to certification fees of €65 + 19% VAT per stallion and shipment. The Saxon Stud Administration will obtain a quote from a transport company for the delivery of the shipment. The amount of the transportation costs must therefore be enquired about individually.


5. The semen price corresponds to the amount of the stud fee. Fresh semen is provided for 4 inseminations (first insemination + 3 subsequent inseminations). The cover charge is recalculated for each additional semen delivery.

In the case of insemination by SGV insemination attendants, there are no additional costs for the insemination of SGV stallion semen.

6. If semen from stallions from other insemination stations that are not listed in the stallion distribution plan is to be used, the order can be placed via the SGV insemination station. The mare owner will be invoiced by the SGV insemination station for the delivery of the semen (including the transportation costs incurred). In addition, the mare owner will be charged a lump sum of €100 + 19% VAT per mare with the semen order. In this case, any SGV discount regulations no longer apply.

7. The following conditions apply to the provision and shipment of frozen semen:

  1. The order must be placed in writing by letter, fax, e-mail or the online order form.
  2. The container required for the TG semen shipment is provided by the mare owner (or the ordering

insemination station or the veterinarian).

Alternatively, a container can be provided for a fee.

The fees are as follows:

  • €25 (incl. 19% VAT) Nitrogen flat rate for containers provided by the customer
  • €100 (net) per week or part thereof for a rental container at the Moritzburg insemination station
  • €500 (net) deposit for shipping abroad
  1. For shipments to member states of the European Union and third countries, the mare owner shall bear the costs for the required official veterinary certificate in the amount of €65 (net) per stallion and shipment. The amount of the transportation costs and handling fees must be enquired about individually.
  2. Buyers of fresh and frozen semen from member states of the European Union pay 19% VAT on the above costs, unless they can provide proof of a valid VAT ID number. In this case, they are exempt from VAT. Mare owners from third countries do not pay VAT.
  3. Shipping both within Germany and abroad is only possible against prepayment. After receipt of payment on the SGV account, the semen will be shipped.
  4. The processing and shipping times after arrival of the nitrogen transport container are as follows:

Within Germany – 1 day

Within Europe – 4 days

Outside Europe – 1 week

8. The insemination station does not guarantee the success of the insemination and is not liable if the semen is not delivered or not delivered on time due to force majeure or due to the fault of the veterinarian, the mare owner or the transport company providing the service.

A semen delivery that is not delivered or not delivered on time does not entitle the customer to refuse payment for invoiced services.

V. Payment and covering date

  1. Once the stallion has been selected and the covering date has been agreed with the breeding station manager, the mare can be presented to the sire. The pedigree papers or the horse passport must always be presented to the breeding station manager for inspection and the stud fee must be paid in cash. Payment of the stud fee entitles the stallion to be used in the current breeding season until July.
  2. The time of covering and retesting is generally determined by the breeding station manager in consultation with the breeder. In their own interest, breeders are asked to attend these appointments.
  3. The stabling costs in guest stalls for mares for insemination are €10/day for mares and €12/day for mares with foals at Moritzburg State Stud and Graditz Principal Stud. All prices include VAT.

VI. Breeding hygiene regulations

Breeding station managers are obliged to comply with the following breeding hygiene regulations:

a) The presentation of the correct horse/equine passport to the breeding station manager is mandatory. Mares for which no horse passport is presented must be excluded from covering or insemination by the breeding station managers.

b) Breeding without a special veterinary examination is permitted for:

A           mares with foals at foot after a normal birth.

c) Mares are not permitted to be covered if they

A           are visibly sexually diseased or have aborted or resorbed their embryo,

B           have not foaled normally (heavy births, retained placentas, disturbed postpartum period),

C          have remained barren, have been purchased barren and

D          have gone back into heat twice during the current mating season.

These mares must be examined by a veterinarian using clinical and bacteriological tests (cervical swab samples). These examinations and the swab sample must be carried out during a heat cycle. A corresponding certificate together with the result of the swab sample must be submitted to the respective breeding station manager.

d) Mares with an impaired general condition or with signs of horse-borne diseases (e.g. a cough, other influenza symptoms, etc.) are excluded from covering. Mares that fall under C and D are only approved for breeding after presentation of a veterinary clearance certificate.

e) Breeders are recommended to have their mares tested for infectious anemia using the Coggins test prior to covering.

VII. Re-covering

1. If a stallion is not available for semen collection or covering due to its use in competitions, the breeder can opt for another stallion or for the use of frozen semen.

If a stallion with a higher stud fee is used, the difference must be paid. Reimbursement of cover charges is excluded.

  1. Remonte stallions that have to take the 50-day test will be withdrawn from the breeding or insemination stations on 15.06.2024 for the purpose of preparing for their performance test.
  2. The SGV is entitled to impose restrictions on the number of mares presented to individual stallions.If such restrictions become necessary, they will be announced at the breeding station by means of a public notice for general attention.
  3. If covering has been unsuccessful twice and the mare has been cleared by a veterinarian, the owner is granted the right, in agreement with the respective breeding station manager, to use another stallion from the same station for covering without charging a transfer fee.

A change of stallion to a stallion from another SGV station without charging a new full stud fee is possible until 1 July of each year and only with the approval of SGV, whereby a transfer fee of €50 (incl. 19% VAT) must be paid before covering with the 2nd stallion. A corresponding written application must be submitted to the SGV in advance, stating the relevant mare and stallion at the first station, plus the desired 2nd stallion and station. The mare owner must submit the stud fee receipt and the stud certificate to the responsible breeding station manager for registration at each subsequent covering. If these proofs are not submitted, the breeding station manager is entitled to refuse the covering or to charge a new covering fee.

The mare owner will be charged a processing fee of €50 (incl. 19% VAT) for stud certificates that are submitted for processing retrospectively or late, i.e. after the stallion has been used for the first time.

  1. If a second stallion with a higher stud fee is used, the mare owner must in any case pay the difference before the mare is covered by this stallion. A refund of premiums will not be granted if the premium rate is lower.
  2. Mare owners who have their mare bred at a covering station without the prior approval of SGV shall in any case pay the full stud fee for the stallion used at this breeding station.
  3. The stud fee due prior to the first covering or insemination cannot be waived or reduced even if the mare is not inseminated or dies before the birth of a foal expected from the covering, has an accident or becomes unfit for breeding for other reasons.
  1. Foal births

The breeding station manager or the insemination station must be notified of the birth of a foal. The sex, colour and markings of the foal are recorded for verification in the breeding and insemination lists.

  1. Liability

If the mares are brought to the stallions or placed in the stabling area, SGV or its employees shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused to the mares, their owners or their

representatives by the stallions or otherwise through slight negligence, nor for any diseases transmitted to the mares or the resulting consequences. In particular, any obligation to pay compensation under Section 833 of the German Civil Code (BGB) and any liability of SGV for slightly negligent conduct on the part of the breeding station manager, stud staff and other persons acting on the occasion of the covering or care of the mares (Sections 278, 831, etc. BGB) shall be excluded.

Mare owners are expressly advised to take out animal owner's liability insurance. The place of performance is the location of the stallion; the place of jurisdiction is Dresden.

Saxon Stud Administration
Moritzburg, February 2024

Instructions for the delivery of fresh semen and insemination

  1. The mare owner shall have the contract veterinarian order the semen of his/her choice from the manager of his/her breeding station. The semen is delivered via the covering station and insemination is carried out by the respective breeding  station manager (insemination attendant) or the contract veterinarian. The semen may only be used for the mares listed in the semen utilisation certificate (if the semen is used for other mares, the consent of SGV must be obtained).
  2. The insemination station provides a transport container for shipping fresh semen. Shipping costs will be charged separately (see terms and conditions). The fresh semen is processed accordingly at the insemination station. The semen is transported by a courier service from Monday to Friday at the expense and risk of the buyer.

On Saturdays, semen can be collected or delivered by special delivery by the transport company (prices on request). Cooling of the fresh semen in the transport container is guaranteed for approx. 48 hours if stored properly. The cold chain must not be interrupted until the time of insemination.

  1. Semen orders can be placed at the SGV insemination stations from Monday to Friday from 7.00–10.00 a.m. for the following day, and on Saturdays from 7.00–8.00 a.m. via the following telephone numbers:

Insemination station        0049 (0)35207 / 890-101     Moritzburg State Stud

Moritzburg:                      0049 (0)35207 / 890-118     EU insemination station

035207 / 890-119                Fax

0173 / 9616651                    Inseminator: Chief Stableman Falk Schütze besamung.moritzburg(at)smekul.sachsen.de

Online order form:


Insemination station        03421 / 7035-10                  Graditz Principal Stud

Graditz:                            03421 / 7035-28                  Insemination station

03421 / 7035-16                  Insemination station fax

0173 / 7395687                    Inseminator: Stableman Chris Bretschneider besamung.graditz(at)smekul.sachsen.de

Online order form:


Insemination station        03628 / 75920                      Insemination station telephone and fax

Marlishausen                   0176 / 81390456                  Inseminator: Stableman Felix Bolesta


4. Semen orders for shipping abroad can be placed at the insemination station in Moritzburg.


For organisational reasons, we kindly ask you to place your order 1–2 working days before the shipping date by

email or fax. This is required for certification by the official veterinarian and to

obtain a quote from the courier service.

The following information is required:

- Name and life number of the mare

- Required stallion

- Address and phone number of the mare owner and insemination veterinarian.

- Shipping address

Shipping is only possible from Monday to Thursday. The semen is delivered the next day. Please

note the public holidays in Germany and abroad.

5. The semen utilisation certificate issued with the semen must be completed and returned immediately to the breeding or insemination station together with a copy of the mare's pedigree certificate and the breeding certificate. After receipt of payment, the breeding certificate completed with the insemination data will be returned. The terms and conditions for the use of SGV stallions and the guidelines for artificial insemination of horses dated 14.10.2008 (Semen Ordinance for Breeding Animals – SamEnV) apply in all respects.