Course notices

All courses take place from a minimum of 4 persons.

The completion of a private accident insurance is a prerequisite for participation in a course, because a safeguard in case of damage can not be guaranteed by the Free State of Saxony.

The participation of minors is only possible, if the minors were accompanied by an adult. The minimum age is 14 years.

After individual consultation, own horses can be brought only for the riding training, which took place between January and June. For this horses a horse keepers liability insurance and vaccination against influenza and herpes virus infection (primary vaccination/ revaccination) are demonstrated by presentation of vaccination passport/ horse passport. It must be registered the vaccine, batch number, date of vaccination, signature and stamp of the vaccination veterinarian.

Dates of courses from January to July 2019

date course capacity
13.02. - 15.02. Jumping course with own horse - preparation for tournament season
26.02. - 28.02. Dressage course with own horse - preparation for tournament season
04.03. - 15.03. Course with exam for Trainer C/A - riding II. part
11.03. - 19.03. Driving badge course with exam for driving badge 5 and 4 with two horses
15.04. - 17.04. Riding course without exam
15.04. - 18.04. Driving course without exam (one and two-horse)
06.05. - 09.05. Driving course without examination (one and two-horse)
06.05. - 10.05. Riding badge course with exam for riding badge 5 until 2
12.06. - 13.06. Double long course without exam
14.06. Preparatory seminar Trainer C and B - riding and driving