Stallions in advent

The Moritzburg State Stud invites to stallions in the advent season in the riding hall near the parade arena on the first Sunday in the advent season. A look behind the scenes about the work with the stallions is in the foreground of this event - riding horses, heavy warm-blooded horses, cold-blooded horses and Haflinger in an atmospheric Christmas program:

program 2019
stud fanfares

1. breed representatives
2. freejumping
3. Haflinger Christmasquadrille
4. single precision driving
5. dressage with Willy Meyer and BALDUIN
6. cold-bloodes horses in competition with the audience
7. training course of riding horses
8. horse carriages
9. sleigh section
10. Dressage sextet

The ticket price for the event is 15.00 €/ adult and 5.00 €/ child (up to 14 years; children under 3 are free (without a claim to a seat).

At the event the office (before the riding hall) opens at 14.00 clock. Reserved tickets can be picked up and tickets can be purchased. You can just pay cash.

breed representative: Thoroughbred Arabian stallion EXPERT
breed representative: cold-blooded stallion URWIN
Trakehnerhengst DAVIDAS über dem Sprung
Freispringen: Trakehnerhengst DAVIDAS
Haflingerweihnachtsquadrille - geritten von Auszubildenden
Haflinger Christmasquadrille - ridden by apprentices
Geschicklichkeitsfahren im Einspänner - gefahren von GHW Dirk Hofmann mit LOMBARDINO
single precision driving - GHW D. Hofmann with LOMBARDINO
Weltmeisterliches Voltigieren: Erik Oese führt Firguren auf dem Pferd vor
vaulting: Erik Oese
Kaltbluthengst zieht gegen die Zuschauer ein Seile
cold-bloodes horses in competition with the audience
Ausbildungsgang eines Reitpferdes - Lehrling auf dem Pferd
Training course of a riding horse
Viererzug Schwerer Warmbluthengste - gefahren von OSM J. Schade
carriage with four heavy warmblood stallions - driven by OSM J. Schade
Schlittenpartie mit Haflingern - gefahren von GOW Roland Lange
sleigh section with haflinger - driver: GOW R. Lange
Dressursextett - 6 Reiter zu Pferde
dressage sextet

Date 2023

Sunday, 26th November

Beginning: 15.00 a.m.
End: approx. 16.30 a.m.

Doors open at 14:00 a.m.