riding badge/ driving badge/ lunge badge, carriage drinving permit

40,00 €

trainer C/B/A Riding and Driving

65,00 €

rental fees horse/ cart per day


riding badge 5/4, coach C/B riding, double lunge

10,00 €

riding badge 3/2, driving badge 5/4, cart driver, coach A-riding, coach C/B driving, carriage driving permit

15,00 €

courses without test (riding and driving)

20,00 €

driving badge 3/2, coach A-driving

25,00 €

driving course without test

35,00 €

four-horse team course without test

45,00 €

stable rent incl. feed for horses brought with

10,00 €

annotations to the fee and remuneration rules

In case of the confirmation of participation, prospective customers will be sent a deposit invoice for coach courses or an invoice for the total course fee for all other courses. The receipt on the account of the State Stud Moritzburg is a prerequisite for participation in the course. The amount of the final invoice (coaching courses) has to be paid in cash before the last day of the course.

A refund for days missed or early termination of the course is excluded.

In case of cancellation by sending the confirmation of participation the following cancellation fees on the total course fees are collected:

  • 50% 12 working days prior to the course (2 weeks)
  • 75 % 6 working days prior to the course (1 week)              
  • 100% 1-2 days prior to the course as well as unexcused absences
  • For non-attendance because of illness (evidence of a medical certificate) is to be paid a fee of 30,00 €.
  • The same amount is to be paid for non-attendance in the preparatory seminars of riding/ jumping.