Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi
DE 335-3500025-83
Boomerang Baron Valfern
Camrose Royal Gem
Linda Hazelwood Coriander
Pendock Lucy
H DE 343-4414986-88
Durello Duktus
Verena Valesco
Life number: DE 367-6742211-98
Race: Deutsches Reitpony
Date of birth: 09.06.1998
Color: dark Brown
Withers: 148 cm
Performance test: 2002 - Note=8,48 (5.)
Premium: LP
Breeder: Zollmann Hans, Kurgestüt H.Odenwald, 69429 Waldbrunn
Appreciation for: Sachsen/ Thüringen und Brandenburg/ Anhalt
Covering: Frischsamen 
Stud fee: 250,00 € (Pachthengst)

In 2007 BON JOVI was the federal champion of sport pony stallions at the Grüne Woche in Berlin. The breeding value lies in his Pedigree, which combines Valentino blood on the dam line as well as on the sire line. His sire Boomer was victorious in jumping sport up to class "S". His mother is very successful in the Belgian riding pony breeding. In 2002 BON JOVI passed the station performance test with the end result of 8,48 and stood out as a fantastic jumper. As a 5- and 6-years old stallion he was qualified in the federal chamionship twice. As the winner of Show Jumpings he cleared obstacle heights up to 1,70m. Apart from the outstanding champion foals several elite mares as well as the licensed sons Boney M and Bumerang are part of his breeding successes. Bumerang was also federal winner of the jumping sport pony stallions in 2010. BON JOVI's most spectacular descendant was the white Bell-a-Bon in 2019, who won the German Championship of pony eventers with Josepha Fischer.


Dressurpferdeprüfung Kl. A 3. Platz (2), 5. Platz (2)
Dressurpferdeprüfung Kl. L 1. Platz
Springpferdeprüfung Kl. A 1. Platz, 2. Platz, 3. Platz (2)
Dressurprüfung Kl. A 2. Platz (3), 3. Platz (1), 4. Platz (5)
Springprüfung Kl. A 1. Platz (2), 2. Platz (1)

Station: Besamungsstation Marlishausen - Sächsisches Landgestüt