Hesselteichs Grimaldi

Hesselteichs Grimaldi
DE 441-4111684-02
Golden Highlight Golden Moonlight
Petty Smoth
Gina Going East
Dancing Queen
DE 441-4114210-01
Donnerblitz Donnerwetter
Dancing Girl Davis Cup
Life number: DE 441-4111524-09
Race: Deutsches Reitpony
Date of birth: 11.07.2009
Color: isabella
Withers: 146 cm
Performance test: 2013 - mark=8,98 (1.)
Breeder: Gestüt Hesselteich GmbH, 33775 Versmold
Appreciation for: Westphalian, Saxony/Thuringia and Brandenburg/Anhalt as well as Southern German Associations
Covering: Frischsamen 
Stud fee: 350,00 €

HESSELTEICHS GRIMALDI was the undisputed winner of the Westphalian pony licensing in 2011. He is a dressage pony stallion of a special class – overwhelmingly strong in character, with extraordinary gaits and high performance. His sire Gandalf – a successful tournament pony himself – descends from the German Champion FS Golden Highlight from Gina, who was Westphalian second of her age group and successful in the German Show in Aachen. She is also mother of licensed A Gorgeous. a mare rewarded with a state prize. GRIMALDI's mother is the state premium mare Dancing Queen v. Donnerblitz (English dressage team), who finished her mare Performance test with a final grade of 7,85.  In 2013 HESSELTEICHS GRIMALDI was the outstanding winner of the performance test in Prussendorf - top marks to 9 and 10 in dressage, jumping and cross.

Every year he provides winning foals in regional shows and foal championships. By now six of his sons are licensed. With Delia and Adina he already provided the Moritzburg driving pony Champion twice. His licensed son Gismo was runner-up in the same competition. The impressive Grando keeps on Shining with his limitless jumping and has been successful in numerous free jumpin competitions.


May 2015 - 4th place cross-country test class A*

Breeding Success Foals

Central German licensing in Prussendorf 2016: first licensed son Gentlemen (Breeder: Detlef Jacob, Lübbenau)

Station: Besamungsstation Graditz - Sächsisches Hauptgestüt